Dawn J. Bennett Interviews Steve Milloy about Why the Media Has Gotten It Wrong about the EPA

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Just as Dawn J. Bennett does on her radio show, Financial Myth Busting, there are others doing the same thing in other forms of media. One such person is Steve Milloy. Steve Milloy is the founder of the popular website, Junk Science, and he is the author of the book, Scare Pollution: Why and How To Fix the EPA. Steve Milloy was interviewed on Dawn J. Bennett’s show earlier this year, and Steve Milloy had a lot to say about the controversy over Scott Pruitt being confirmed as the head of the EPA.

Steve Milloy and Scott Pruitt have something in common: they both believe that the EPA has way too much power and was overreaching during the Obama administration. If you recall, Scott Pruitt sued the EPA fourteen times when he was the Attorney General of the state of Oklahoma. He has also said that government overreach on environmental issues has inhibited growth and prevented job creation. When pressed on these and other issues by Dawn J. Bennet, Steve Milloy was of like mind.

To read all of Steve Milloy’s thoughts in the interview, you are highly encouraged to check out the interview transcript here. Dawn J. Bennett goes back and forth with Milloy on why the Scott Pruitt appointment was so controversial, why the media has not gotten the EPA right, and how a Pruitt EPA will look very different than the EPA of the previous administration. In addition to that, Steve Milloy discusses the history of the EPA and how it was formed. He illustrates how state and local pushes for environmental protection may have made the EPA irrelevant as those state and local agencies are doing the primary work in keeping our nation’s air and water clean.

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